Creating inspiring, unique, large-format photographs with backlight and a specially designed frame was the idea and birth of PHOTOLEUCHTEN.

The beginning was made up of various motifs printed on canvas, which were stretched on a wooden frame and illuminated from the inside. In the meantime, square-shaped light boxes with illuminated photographs and large round light objects, e.g. with a textured Japanese paper or on the front side a photo print on acrylic glass.

The frames are all manufactured by a local carpenter. They are also varnished there or further processed by me, e.g. plated with leaf metal.

The basis for the motifs are my own photographs, from which the choice of the cut-out, the colors, the contrasts, etc. creates a picture, which has a special effect through the illumination. The motif, the frame and the light (light intensity and color) are individually coordinated with each other and are designed and built with love and great attention to detail.

The luminaires are meant to give the viewer a sense of joy and to illuminate a room in a new light.

All of them are handmade single pieces and available in various sizes and finishes.

On request I also design light objects according to individual wishes or your own motifs. Inquiries and orders are welcome at [email protected].

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Sylvia Bär
Designer and owner of PHOTOLEUCHTEN.

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